Employee Scheduling System Review: The Alberta Motor Association

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Case Study: The Alberta Motor Association


The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) is a non-profit membership organization in Canada that serves customers in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. The AMA believes its members are practically family. This means that if customers are in a jam, need advice, or even a “shoulder to cry on,” AMA will always do its best to help customers get the most enjoyment from their travel and leisure time.

To run an organization that makes customers feel as if they’re part of a family, it’s critical to continually assess and advance business processes. For example, when a motorist needs help, does a special service request quickly get from the call center to the person who can deliver what’s needed?

With about 2,100 people working across multiple business units including membership, travel bookings, insurance, vehicle registration, and roadside assistance, scheduling employees is a herculean task. For several years, the AMA examined numerous solutions to automate its paper-based time, attendance, and scheduling operations, yet none of the products were able to meet all of the organization’s requirements.


Recently, AMA found the the perfect solution to automate its time and attendance processes. During the rollout, TimeSimplicity was suggested as a way to automate the AMA’s scheduled workers and replace the various paper-based scheduling methods including wall calendars, spreadsheets, and word processing documents.

“After an extensive evaluation of TimeSimplicity, we determined it was just what we needed and was an optimal fit with our time and attendance solution.”Erv Krawchuk, Program Manager, Business Process Improvement for AMA.

TimeSimplicity from SwipeClock is a dynamic, cloud based scheduling solution that curtails over staffing, reduces overtime, rapidly detects gaps in coverage, and identifies employees whom are the best fit to cover open shifts. TimeSimplicity seamlessly integrates with leading payroll solutions as well as with SwipeClock’s time and attendance software—TimeWorksPlus and TimeWorks Mobile.”


“I have learned the key to improving processes is to implement solutions that allow people to focus on performing their jobs, not on the tools they are using,” said Krawchuk. “In the past, schedulers were focused on creating, filling in, and updating various paper-based calendars—a very unproductive use of their time and converting those calendars to paper time sheets for data entry. Now, they can do more critical work, which is indispensable in helping us deliver the family-like service we’re known for.”

TimeSimplicity makes schedules available online and permits schedulers to inform staff members via email or text messages when a shift has changed or a requested shift becomes available. This is a valuable benefit for AMA. In the past, it wasn’t easy for schedulers to confirm if they had full coverage for the shifts they were responsible for. Now, they can observe it all including pending time off requests. They can also see the impact that a time-off request would have on the overall schedule, allowing them to make knowledgeable scheduling choices.

As an added boon, TimeSimplicity allows AMA to implement standard business processes across the company. In the paper world, people were making their own rules based on their understanding of what needed to be done and their group’s unique requirements. With TimeSimplicity and its seamless integration into AMA’s time and attendance system, these problems have completely disappeared because everyone is on the same system.

“We recently completed an intensive study that showed 100% of the business units using TimeSimplicity would not go back to the old way of doing things,” concluded Krawchuk. “That finding is a testament to the ability of TimeSimplicity to improve the way we schedule our employees. I can’t imagine scheduling at AMA without TimeSimplicity.”

TimeSimplicity can revolutionize your scheduling processes just as it has done for the Alberta Motor Association and thousands of other organizations.


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