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Today’s post is for owners and managers of healthcare facilities here in Utah and around the country. The healthcare industry is one of the indispensable industries in an advanced society. Millions of people are troubled with sickness, disease, injury, and the limitations of advanced age. Thankfully, healthcare organizations like yours are hard at work to make sure that we are always taken care of.

Here at SwipeClock, we make sure that healthcare providers can concentrate on their patients instead of having to spend precious time managing shifts and schedules. We’ve created our industry-leading Workforce Management Suite with our clients’ needs in mind.

Our suite is made up of numerous features that all work together to create the most capable time, attendance, and scheduling system on the market.

Workforce Management Suite’s TimeWorksPlus tracks hours worked by job code, both ensuring quality of care and reducing labor expenses for employers. Now that money saved can go towards other important things.

TimeWorksPlus is paired with TimeSimplicity which empowers you to design staff schedules based on certifications and specific skillsets. TimeSimplicity is a powerful solution that makes scheduling a breeze. As mentioned above, it will even make sure that employees with the correct skill sets and certifications are scheduled when needed.

Workforce Management Suite has powerful automated tools for handling:

  • Accruals
  • Time card approvals
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Advanced Scheduling

With these user-friendly tools, your healthcare business will be running smoother than ever. To schedule a demo, contact us today.

Contact SwipeClock for information regarding WorkforceHUB™UPGRADE TODAY

SwipeClock offers WorkforceHUB™, the unified Human Resources portal that makes it easy to optimize the performance of your managers, employees, and company.

WorkforceHUB™ includes TimeWorksPlus, TimeSimplicity, and TimeWorks Mobile. We’ve just added onboarding, benefits enrollment, performance reviews, and employee engagement! WorkforceHUB™ is developed for busy employers like you who need to streamline scheduling, automate time and attendance tracking, maintain regulatory compliance, and reduce labor costs.

How much can you save? Check our SwipeClock ROI Calculator.

We can get you up and running with Workforce Management Suite in minutes. Contact us today to set up a demo.

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